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The end of the world

I was talking to a colleague a while ago (thank God I’m going to work – now I can talk to people my own age – or, in this case, closer to my age) about the end of the world. I didn’t think the idea would stick as I’ve seen so many movies on this, listened to so many songs… you know, it’s just not something new.

But, two days later, I found myself still thinking about it. What if the planet would be destroyed in a few hours (and we would actually find out about it!!)?

What would I do?

Would I start calling friends, family? I guess everybody would, so the phones would be down. Would I think about what I did right and what I did wrong? Now what would be the point of that? Sorry, but I really consider it a waste of time. Would I panic and freak out, start crying? Pointless and waste of time, again.

If I were away from home I’d rush to wherever my son is, hoping that I get there alive and that my husband would do the same. I’d hug my son real hard and tell him once more how much I love him. I’d play with him, I’d sing a song, I’d let him do whatever he wants. I’d thank him for being in my life and for making it better, for being the best son ever. I try to keep the tears away so that he doesn’t feel anything of what’s going to happen.

I’d tell my husband how lucky I feel to have met him, how happy I am that he insisted on dating me, how incredibly lucky I’ve been to have married him and have had a perfect son. I’d hold him and I’d kiss him and I’d be thankful for having the chance to do this one last time.

I’d take a few minutes to say goodbye (in my mind) to all the ones I love: my family and my close friends.

Would I be sad? Would I regret that my life is ending so soon? Sure I would! But, more important, I’d be happy with the way I lived it and the way I end it (provided that I can be with my husband and my son).

I would just hope that none of us suffer in the end.

However, this was the “perfect”scenario (if there’s anything that can be considered perfect under such circumstances).

On the other hand, if I were away from my family I would cry myself to death, while obsessively dialling over and over again my husband’s (and my son’s) phone numbers, simply for not being able to be close to them.

What would you do?

“Best before” relationships

I read a post yesterday (you can find it here) that made me think: what if we had expiration dates on relationships, like we have on any product, when we go to a store? You’d walk around and see a guy and instantly know that the expiry date of your “everlasting” love is 2 weeks from now. No questions, no doubts. You just know for sure that it won’t last more than that. Would it be better or would it spoil the fun? Would we suffer more or be more in love? I bet we would try to prove the expiry dates wrong. We’d do anything to make it last one more day, just to see if it is possible. God forbit that from happening. We’d never trust another expiration date again – imagine the chaos in a perfect “best before” world!!

Of course, there would be guys and girls with a “lifetime guarantee”. You’d know they are the ones you can spend your entire life with. Now I know you’re thinking this would be too easy.  The funny thing about love is that it is a two way street. It’s not enough to love, you have to be loved too, and the other way around. So it woudln’t really be that as simple as it seems.

Also, you are well aware of the fact that any product has some usage and storage instructions. Those would not be available, of course, so if you do not “use” the “product” the way you are supposed to, or “store” it in places that are not recommended, the expiry date instantly changes. What would life be without the surprise factor? But, really, girl, what were you thinking when you left your man with his friends (“product” will degrade faster if left unsupervised),  at a beach party (too hot for the “product” to preserve its qualities), right next to a group of Russian belly dancers (“product” should not be left alone near hot dancers)? No wonder the expiry date changed!!

I imagine break-ups would be less difficult to bear. Less people would make scenes, less slammed doors, less broken plates, less tears, less feelings of “the end of the world is here and now”, less “let’s give it another try”, less “I don’t understand”, less drama queens, less throwing clothes in the street (I guess people would have the decency to pack them and put them in a safe place when they know the storm is coming)… We would still not understand “why” but we would know “when”.

We’d be able to plan our “mend my heart by finding someone new (preferably in a club)” dates a lot better. We’d know not to turn down a coffee invitation for next week. We’d know not to plan a trip for two for the weekend, but rather a drink with the boys. We wouldn’t buy ten bottles of his favourite drink, two days before the expiry date. We wouldn’t cook his favourite dish on the expiry date… or maybe we would. Maybe we would do all that, hoping that we would change something. We’d get our hopes high, fighting for the impossible dream.

No, expiration dates and traffic lights would not change how we feel, not too much. We would just find new means to have it our own way, to go around the rules, to break them or prove them wrong, we would suffer and love with the same intensity. Human nature won’t change just because some details have been slightly altered. But the imagination exercise was good 🙂

Any ideas on funny things that would make life more interesting? Let me know.

Love or in love?

by courtesy of Vali Vasiliu

We use our eyes to fall in love and our hearts to love. Why? Because we fall in love with an appearance, not with the person sitting right next to us in the office, or in a line, or at the bar in a club, right across the taxi station or outside – smoking a cigarette. We fall in love with what we presume that person is, we fall in love with what we want him to be, what we imagine he could be. We fall for what he is willing to show us in the beginning, for what he offers as a reply to what we need.

Rarely, that person happens to be exactly what he seems to be like. Those are the extremely rare cases when we love while being in love.

We love after we discover the person close to us, stripped of all appearances, assumptions, illusions or inhibitions. We love her when we know she represents what we really want – maybe for that time in our life, or maybe for a lifetime. We love her fears, her qualities, her flaws, her success and her failures, because they belong to her and because, as long as we love her, they belong to us too. We love her because we love the way we feel when we are together, or apart. We even love waiting for her, because we know that each minute brings us closer to the happiness of feeling her close.

We love and are in love with the idea that he/she loves us back.

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