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Astept si sper

Harry zicea ca orice ni s-ar intampla in viata, trebuie sa avem incredere ca Dumnezeu a ales varianta cea mai buna pentru noi; trebuie sa avem incredere ca alternativa ar fi fost mult mai teribila, chiar daca, uneori, noi nu ne putem imagina asta.

De multe ori ma gandesc la vorbele lui. Cam de fiecare data cand mi se intampla, sau aflu ca s-ar putea sa se intample ceva neplacut.

Astept cu teama ziua de maine (literalmente ziua de maine). Astept cu teama (si speranta) sa aflu cum imi voi petrece vara asta. Uneori (chiar nu credeam ca o sa spun asta vreodata) incertitudinea e mai buna decat certitudinea. Stiti de ce? Pentru ca incertitudinea contine si o doza de speranta. Pe cand certitudinea n-are nici o umbra de mister. E totul clar.

Asa ca, pana maine, astept si sper… nu la una din variante (pentru ca nici nu stiu pe care sa mi-o doresc) ci la intelepciunea de a accepta faptul ca ceea ce se va intampla e ce e mai bine pentru mine.

Miss you…

There was this great man I used to know. He had this amazing energy that could fill up an entire room, no matter how big. He could make you feel good just by saying “Hello dear”!

He was a great story-teller. So good that you could never tell if everything was true or there were some (very small) invented parts.

He met a lot of important, famous people (like Mother Theresa and Ceausescu) and he had so many stories about them. I’m so sorry I can’t remember them all. People usually talk about his professional performances, which are impossible to ignore, by the way, but I don’t care about them. I don’t miss that part of him. I miss the part that used to touch my soul and make me feel special whenever he talked to me. I can still remember that feeling.

The first day I met him I was so nervous, wondering if I’d say the right things, do the right things… and everything was so natural. Just a pleasant afternoon spent on the porch, having some pizza and nice conversation.

There was something magic about you Harry and I miss you. I always will!

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