This is me…

I try telling the truth although people rarely believe it. I have a great life although some may disagree. I am very open to other people’s opinions although the truth is that I hate to be criticised. I think most of us forgot who we really are because we (have to) pretend to be someone else…

I’ve decided it’s better to write about some things rather than just keep them inside, so I do.

Read and discover!

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2 Responses
  1. Adrian Pascu says:

    Ma regasesc si sunt de acor 95% din descrierea ta. Singura diferenta ar fi ca eu apreciez criticile la adresa mea – dar numai cele constructive, ceva ce as putea indrepta, nu un defect iremediabil.

    PS: imi place blogul tau! 😉

  2. Ramo says:

    Multumesc, Adrian. Si eu incerc sa ma “indrept” in urma criticilor pe care le consider justificate, dar nu reusesc deloc sa fac sa-mi si placa sa fiu criticata 🙂

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