Letting go

There are people you simply want in your life. You can’t figure out the reason, you just feel you need them around. You do your best to keep them close, to keep them happy so that they don’t leave. You go out of your way with small or big things, just because! You invest a lot of time and energy without ever being sure you’re on the right path, without knowing if you’re winning them over or slowly losing them.

And then, at some point in time, you realise you can only do that much. When you’re left with no energy and no desire to go on, you realise it takes two to make a friendship work. You realise that wanting something really hard and making all the efforts from your side is just not enough. It takes two.

A friendship cannot be fueled by one. So, when you’re empty, lost, tired and dissappointed, you let go…

You can’t force someone to be in your life just because you feel they belong there. At some point you just have to let them go and see if they ever find their way back to you…

I hope they do.

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