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Do you ever feel like you’ve just had enough (of anything)? That you are not where you wanted to be? That you’re running (through life) so fast that you can no longer see anything but 5 m of the “road” in front of you and on top of it, you’re even trying to run faster? Has it ever happened to you to feel like you’re at a turning point in your life, yet you really can’t see the turn?

It probably happened and happens to all of us. There simply are times in our lives when we realise that we need a change. Any change. Times when there are no resources left for anything, times when you’ve got nothing left to give, because you feel emptied. Times when you do not look forward to tomorrow because you know it will bring no change at all. Times when you somehow feel you want a few good moments away… from your life.

And then you see your child cuddled in the arms of your better half and you just smile. You’re still empty and tired but your heart starts filling your entire being, slowly, as you realise you have focused on less important things and that, once again, you’ve forgotten what was really important in life. You see through tomorrow, you no longer care about taking or missing the turn, because you’ve found the right path.

And all of a sudden you no longer care about the 5 m in front of you but about who’s running along with you, always there by your side – and that’s the best sight ever!

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