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“Ne mai iubim”

Dragilor, am dat peste inca o cautare ce mi-a atras atentia: “suntem impreuna de 11 mai iubim”. Spre nemultumirea mea personala omul ce cauta dupa asta n-a pus si semn de punctuatie dupa a doua propozitie. Sa fi fost punct? Sa fi fost semnul intrebarii? Oare ce caz sa aleg? Voi ce credeti? 😀

Sa presupunem asadar ca ultima propozitie din cautare era, de fapt, o intrebare. Va rog pe toti sa tratati acest post ca exact ceea ce este: o poveste ce nu are nici o legatura cu realitatea. Orice asemanare cu personaje reale este o pura intamplare.

In primul rand, felicitari lor, celor ce sunt impreuna de 11 ani. Nu sunt multe cupluri care rezista atata timp.

In al doilea rand, nu inteleg de ce cauta omul pe net raspunsul la intrebarea “ne mai iubim”. N-ar trebui sa stie singur? Se asteapta sa il lamureasca vreo postare edificatoare si extrem de relevanta pentru viata lui? Vreun studiu facut de cercetatorii care se pare ca efectiv nu mai au la ce sa foloseasca banii?

Eh, stiu! Cineva i-a studiat viata pas cu pas si apoi, in loc sa ii arate rezultatele studiului, le-a postat undeva pe net dar nu i-a spus unde. Acum, bietul om cauta disperat incercand sa isi gaseasca un sens vietii, sa vada, de fapt, in ce punct al existentei se afla, sa stie si el daca o duce bine sau rau, daca e sanatos sau nu, daca iubeste sau nu.

E destul de neplacut sa stii ca cineva are absolut toate raspunsurile la intrebarile tale, ti-a citit viitorul in stele si in ADN si a postat totul pe net in loc sa iti comunice rezultatul. Imi imaginez framantarile multiple, dupa zile/luni/ani intregi de asteptare, dupa vise si planuri legate de viitorul pe care o sa si-l faureasca dupa ce afla… ce? Daca e indragostit sau nu?

Cred ca in punctul in care ajungi sa cauti pe net asa ceva, raspunsul e evident. Dar shhh… nu-i spuneti ca eu l-am gasit. Lasati-l sa mai caute, lucrurile obtinute cu truda sunt mai apreciate 🙂

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Say goodbye!

Saying goodbye is part of our lives. No matter how much we try to avoid it, there’s no escape from it. And why would there be any? Why are we so afraid of saying goodbye?

We say goodbye at home, when we leave for work in the morning, we say it in train stations, in airports, in parking lots, in cafes, on a bench in the park, in the car, in a mall, in a yard, in a pool, in a rollercoaster, over the phone, on Facebook, in an email, in a hurry or taking our time, with a smile or in a cold voice… we just do it.

As for me, most of the times I don’t want to say goodbye, especially when it’s to someone I love, but I am grateful for having this chance. This way I can tell people how much I love them, how much I’ve enjoyed the time we spent together, how much I’ve learned from them, how much I want to see them again, how much I care. I can give them a last kiss and a last hug. I can feel their love and enjoy the warmth in their eyes and their smile once more, even if it tears my heart out. Saying goodbye is something that I might not want, but I definitely need. To me, it’s an ending just as much as it is a beginning. It’s just something I don’t want to miss.

So, say your goodbyes before you time runs out. These are chances none of us should waste.

The War

There are times when we lose our inner balance. We are broken and we need to be fixed. We sometimes try to find help within others, we reach out but what they offer is not enough to get us back up on track. We need to  fight too. We need to have the will to change what we feel. We need to step back and analyse. Look deep inside our hearts and minds and see what’s behind it all, what is causing all that, and more important – why? We’re half way there, as soon as we find the answer to the last question. But we need to be true to ourselves. We need to dig well, deep inside and find the real motive for feeling that way.

I was just about to say that the rest is easy. That we just need to figure out a way out and make it happen.

But the truth is that it is never easy. No matter how well-determined you are, it’s never easy to fight against yourself. ‘Cause in the end, that’s what you have to do. You have to fight that self that tells you that all is lost and it will never be as good as it was before. You need to have the power to hold your position no matter what arguments your other self brings. You need to be positive that you will get over it because you are strong and because you WANT to get over it.

You need to focus on the good aspects of your life and everything that happened and leave aside the negative ones for the time being. You need to surround yourself with love, peace,  light, joy and laughter. They are easier to find than you would expect it.

So have you ever felt lost and alone? Have you ever felt that there was no tomorrow? No hope? No reason to go on?

Well, I have. And I fought hard, each time. And I got back on my feet. I never lost a battle. But  my war is not over. What about yours?

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