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I want it all!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life! A cliché, you might say. The truth, I state!

Today I stop thinking that tomorrow might be a better day. I will never live “tomorrow”. I do, however, live each “today”. Therefore, I declare that today is the best possible day.

Today I stop hoping that things will get better. Today is start making them happen. Today I start fighting for the change, I stop waiting for it to occur.

Today I stop giving second, third, fourth chances. You get one chance so use it well. Life is about learning from your mistakes, nor re-living them over and over again.

Today I see the good things in my life. There’s no point in focusing on what went wrong. I’d rather get the best from what went wrong (learn the lesson) and carry on.

Today I stop accepting second best. Why would I, when I can have the very best? Why settle for less? I affirm that I will only get the best from life.

Today I stop being the nicest person out there. If nice doesn’t get me where I want to be, then nice is not the correct thing to be.

Today I stop thinking about things that I want to scream out loud and I can’t. Today I declare they don’t exist anymore. Something that cannot be said will not haunt me!

Today I stop accepting from this life what it has to offer me. Today I start taking what I want.

Today I want the whole world and I want it NOW!