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Never be sorry

There are so many things we miss out on in our lives. I’ve come to realize it is quite true one should never regret what he/she has done, but what he/she hasn’t done.

So many things I’ve done… not sorry for any of them. True, some of them were mistakes but I don’t regret them either. They were chances I took, challenges I accepted, I’ve learned from each and one of them. They shaped my character and my personality and they created the person I am now. They gave me the opportunity of becoming a better person, of reaching a higher level of understanding how things and relationships work or how they should be done.

As for the things I haven’t done… I regret them all, all the chances I’ve missed and will never come my way. There were times I didn’t say good-bye, people I refused to meet, places I chose not to go to (Dubai being one of them), languages I chose not to learn, things I chose not to buy, friends I chose not to talk to anymore, things I left un-said… Since I cannot turn back time I can never go back and change any of these. I have to live with it and with the reality of the fact that they might have made my life better.

These are mistakes I know I will make over and over again and in the END, when I draw the line, I just hope that there will be a lot more that I have accepted in my life than what I refused.