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Letter to someone I love

You’ve known me for so long now. You’ve tried to change me every second of it. You’ve tried to make me someone I am not. You wished I were different. You never gave up hoping I would change and be someone else.

But I am not, I am who I am. I still don’t care about all those things you wanted me to care about. I still think they are useless. And you know what? I like the way I am. I’ve got my own values and I stick to them. I protect what I love and will never hurt the ones that matter to me.

I just wish you could see my good parts. I wish you could see how special I am. I wish you could see how much I have done, instead of only seeing what I haven’t done. I wish you could accept me and love me for who I am.

I wish you could read this post and understand how much of me you’ve missed. But I know you won’t and I don’t have what it takes to tell you all these to your face. Part of it because it will hurt you and part of it because I know you will not understand or accept what I have to say. You never have…

There are things in our lives that we just can’t change. I guess you are one of them. I love you just the way you are. I would not change a thing about you. I only wish for the same…