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You have the POWER

Just know that you are perfect. No flaws, believe me! Look in the mirror and see the beauty inside of you. It’s been waiting for you to discover it and acknowledge its existence.

There’s a huge power inside of you, a power that can turn you into anything you want to become. All you have to do is to believe in it, to believe in yourself. You can achieve anything. Just set your mind on something and you will get it. You might have to work hard for it and many times you will think that you’re on the wrong path but believing in yourself will get you there eventually.

You can move waters, you can fly a plane, you can raise a child, you can build a house, you can have your own company, you can be the Casanova of our times, you can get an Oscar award or a Nobel prize, you can be a top model, you can be a good parent, you can be whatever you want to be. It’s all been done before so why wouldn’t it be possible for you? Just wish for it and then make it happen.

Believe in the power within you and make your dreams become reality!