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Femeia, ciocolata si cercetatorii

Cica femeile se nasc prost-dispuse 😀

Dragi barbati, de-acum aveti si studiul necesar ca sa va sprijine de fiecare data cand aveti chef sa ne spuneti ca suntem “cu fundu’-n sus”. Na, ca suntem deprimate, ca nu suntem in stare sa secretam destula serotonina incat sa fim fericite. De-aia avem nevoie de tone de ciocolata, de bomboane si alte dulcegarii.

Ce noroc cu cercetatorii astia ca ne lumineaza si ne explica comportamentul in termeni atat de clari si de simpli.

Acum sunt insa tare nelamurita…. Oare nu-s femeie??? Nu de alta dar eu chiar sunt fericita!! Nici nu ma indop cu ciocolata, bomboane, inghetata si alte cele, ca nu-mi plac. Si totusi… sa nu fiu eu femeie? Uite ca incep sa ma cuprinda indoielile iar gandurile imi umbresc fruntea… Fericirea incepe sa paleasca si ma agaseaza ingrijorarea… Nu mai am stare si ma simt nelinistita… Ah! Ce chin! ce nefericire!!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

I’m a woman, not an object!

I’m sick of getting an attitude just because I am a woman. What? You think I can’t fight back? You think I can’t shove those words back into your mouth? Try me!

I’m sick of hearing stupid lines as I walk by you. Want to pick up some chick? I can suggest a number of places – none of them anywhere near me! Just don’t try your luck with me. It won’t do any good!

I’m sick of being stared at! Young, old, drunk, sober, lame or cool, I simply don’t want your eyes on me! Get a room and some magazines and use your imagination with what you find in there, not with me!

I’m sick of people accidentally or intentionally touching me! Say something and I will move away within seconds, if you need me to. Just don’t come into my personal space!

I’m sick of saying I am married and not being believed! Now really, how low can you go? Even if this wasn’t true, even if I wasn’t married, don’t you understand that you must be pretty lame in order for a woman to use this excuse on you?

I’m sick of being judged by my looks or other stupid things! Don’t be judgemental! Talk to me and see what I am capable of!

Don’t ask me to stay somewhere and “just look pretty”. I have a brain that I can use in order to produce intelligent conversation. I am not a piece of furniture or a trophy so I will not accept being treated like one!

What? I don’t have the muscles? Oh, but I have the moral strength. You try and beat that!

Now treat me like a human being, treat me with respect! It’s what I deserve!

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