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Pentru voi

Pentru voi, toti cei care inca nu v-ati gasit perechea in viata (sau ati gasit-o dar sunteti destul de nesabuiti incat nu va dati seama ce lucru rar e asta); pentru voi, cei care incercati sa ne intelegeti si nu reusiti; pentru voi, cei ce incercati sa ne cuceriti; pentru voi, cei ce nu va dati seama ce vrem de la viata (sau poate doar de la cel pe care il iubim); pentru voi, cei care credeti ca suntem complicate; pentru voi, cei care nu va dati seama ca e incredibil de usor sa faceti o femeie fericita… si pentru toate femeile care stiu cu adevarat despre ce vorbesc:


Feel! Live! Enjoy!

We are born and we feel scared of the unknown, of what this bright and cold world can bring. That we feel our mother’s scent and we know we’ve found our rock in the storm. We hang on to her and we never want to let go. She knows everything, she gives us what we want and it just feels good. Then we go to kindergarden and we feel lost. Mom’s not there, dad’s not there, so many children and people we don’t know, a new schedule. Yet, there are toys to play with and we slowly forget about our worries and it all starts to be good again.

We go to school, college, university, but we’ve got used to all this, it’s just something that provides us with different “toys” that we can play with. With each step we leave people behind and we feel sorrow, we miss them and sometimes feel that we want to turn back time. But we never do, we can never do that. So we start adapting to the changes and we start enjoying the novelty brought along by each stage in our lives.

We fall in love and we feel that the Earth starts spinning around just for us. We fly to the moon and back and we feel strong, funny, intelligent and appreciated, we feel that we can achieve anything. And then we get our wings cut off and we fall down hard hitting the ground. It hurts and we swear we’ll never do this again. But we do, we always do. At least until we find “THE ONE”, if we are lucky and we actually do. We start bulding a life together and we feel it will last forever. We feel relaxed and loved and cared about and no longer lonely. We feel that this person will always be there for us. Sometimes “always”and “forever” reach an end sooner than expected and we go through the entre cycle over and over again. Or we just give up and choose to be our own partner in life. Or maybe, if we make it happen, “always” and “forever”keep their meaning and we share love, friendship, respect and tenderness with our “one and only” for a lifetime and more.

Then we have children and we feel that we want to give them the entire world, we feel that we are children again. We fool around and we play and we joke and we make fun of ourselves, just to get one smile, one laughter, one happy child. We suffer when our children are hurt and we want to make the world a better place for them. We fight and we work and we want to provide them with the best there is. And sometimes we forget the important things in life and we lose ourselves in our own world, without noticing that others want to be a part of it too.

We sometimes lose the ones we love most. They are either taken away from us or they choose to leave. That is when we feel sorry we didn’t make the time to talk to them more, to spend more time with together.

Sometimes we have problems and we don’t know where to turn to, we feel nervous, stressed, agitated, upset, we feel like there’s no tomorrow, we feel strangled and alone. Those are the times when we find more strength that we knew there was in us. We can overcome any obstacles, it’s in our nature to do so.

And, at some point, it is time for us to leave everything behind. We find ourselves alone in front of the last step in our life. We might feel scared, happy, relieved, resentful, forgiving or relaxed. Yet, that is not the end, it is just another beginning.

Life is about feelings more than anything else. So plan your life and live it the way you want but never give up what is rightfully yours: your feelings! You may deny them, you may choose to ignore them but they will always be there, inside.

I don’t even want to imagine a life without feelings, it would be a life not worth living.

Enjoy your feelings!

Telefonul nu mai suna! Ce bine!

Azi totul imi pare perfect. Stati un pic, nu aruncati cu pietre! Stiu ca perfectiunea nu exista, dar ziua de azi are o tendinta clara spre asa ceva. Sa va spun de ce:

– nu e nici prea cald, nici prea frig (la mine in casa chiar e temperatura optima din punctul meu de vedere, desi recunosc ca acum stau ghemuita sub patura)

– vecinii de deasupra nu mai dau cu aspiratorul in ora de liniste de la amiaza (poate pentru ca au facut asta azi-noapte pe la ora 23)

– afara nu latra cainii ca sa imi trezeasca copilul (inca, dar eu insist sa ma bucur chiar si de o scurta perioada de liniste)

– am reusit sa mananc masa de pranz in liniste (poate din cauza ca am facut-o dupa ce l-am adormit pe Jesse)

– am reusit sa nu scap nici o lingura/furculita pe gresie (de-aia si pot sa scriu acum postul asta, ca Jesse doarme!!!!! ma gandeam sa repet, in cazul in care nu v-ati prins pana acum)

– n-a sunat (inca) nici telefonul fix, nici interfonul (stiti deja de ce ma bucur de asta, nu? nu mai trebuie sa va spun :))

– o lalai cu gratie, adica pur si simplu stau si ascult muzica sau ma uit la poze, ma relaxez, iau o pauza (pentru ca pot, de-aia!)

– cerul e de un albastru perfect (cand am inceput sa scriu postul, pe bucatica de cer ce se vede de la mine din camera trona un nor, de o forma indefinita inca de cercetatorii americani, care contrasta minunat cu albastrul cerului, dar e frumos si fara el, pe principiul “da-i ok, ba!”)

– baby-phone-ul nu mai bazaie (are momente in care imi vine sa-l arunc prin geam… dar ma gandesc ca-s cam scumpe termopanele)

– mi-am planificat sa merg la shopping si am si bani sa fac asta (pana acum asta e cea mai tare din lista, asa-i, fetelor??)

– inca imi place cum imi sta parul (stiu, in continuare, doar fetele ma inteleg la faza asta…)

– pana sa postez eu articolul asta, s-a trezit Jesse si a adormit la loc (ha! deci se poate!)

Ma opresc aici – desi lista poate continua – nu de alta, dar nu vreau sa va fac prea mult sange rau celor care in momentul de fata nu va bucurati de fiecare nimic care merge bine, cum fac eu in clipa de fata 🙂

Once again, fericirea vine din lucruri marunte.