It’s amazing how much time I’ve got when I don’t spend it in front of my computer. It seems like computers (along with the internet) have this special ability of stealing our lives away from us. It doesn’t matter if we are working, reading, writing, playing an online game or checking what our friends are up to on Facebook, time just flies. It passes us by, never to come back. We let computers rule our lives and we end up having relationships with a keyboard and a screen rather than with a human being.

We buy mobile phones that are able to keep us connected to our online existence and we feel something major is missing from our lives if we fail to “go online” (and read our emails) for a week.

We are (more or less) addicted to the internet and the computers that invaded our lives. Is there a way out? Sadly, I doubt it. We can still control it (for now) but they will probably take over the lives of the future generations.

Don’t agree? Then think for a minute and tell me: when was the last time you sent out a hand-written letter (by post), instead of an email, an IM or a sms?

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  1. How much time do most.children today spend being creative by themselves?..If the problem is too much media in childrens lives then what.can be done?

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