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Lies in our lives

I’m not really sure why, but it seems like we spend most of our life lying. We tell big lies, small lies, bad lies, ugly lies, nice lies, white lies, many lies… We lie so much that it becomes a part of us. We probably imagine lies would make our lives easier, but I seriously doubt it. Lies only make our lives a big fake.

I sometimes (secretly) wish that just for one hour, the entire world would stop lying. And then I realize it is not only naive to wish for such a thing but also foolish. Imagine politicians actually saying the truth!!! Wars would probably break, friendships would be ruined, couples would break off, parents would be terrified of what their children think, billions of people would get hurt. So really, why would anyone want the truth?

Let us all pretend and be phony!!! This way we can seem to be (and feel) loved and popular, appreciated, admired, valued. How sad it is that it is so often nothing but a lie!

Enjoy life!

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