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Becoming a Parent

There are so many books on becoming a parent, so many articles, blogs, websites… They all tell you what to do or what not to do no matter the age of your baby.  I wonder how many books there are for children with problems. How many books tell you to stay calm and advise on how to react when you find out that your unborn baby will have problems? How do future parents handle that?

The news that your baby has problems (no matter the nature of these problems) can be devastating. You keep asking yourself what you did wrong, what could have been better… Was it the time you were cold this winter? Was it when you were playing with our dog or cat? Was it the stress at the office? Was it the time you let her carry one bag, instead of you carrying them all 10? What do you do when the doctors say you cannot help your baby in any way, you just have to wait and see?

I’ll tell you… You keep hoping. You get a second opinion, you try the impossible. Nothing can get you ready for something like this.

Even when everyone tells you to stop hoping, the light of hope is inside you… you’re a parent and nothing will change that.