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Too tired…


It took me an hour to get home yesterday. The traffic was crazy and I’m afraid it’s not going to get any better. This delay, however, gave me the chance to look at the drivers surrounding me. There was something that surprised me: nobody was looking relaxed, nobody was smiling. It seems so unusual on the spot but then I thought of myself: I was so tired, going home, after a day at work and an interview in a foreign language for another job… I was not smiling either, my face was nothing but a mask, I was neither happy, nor sad; I don’t think anyone could have got me angry…I was just passive. There are billions of people like me. Young people, old people, it really doesn’t matter. We work all day long, just to get home, tired, and work a little more. We do have some fun while we’re in our early 20s but as soon as we get closer to our 30s, we just seem to forget that life is about something else than just WORK!

I don’t want to be a workaholic, I don’t want to forget how to smile to a stranger, I don’t want to forget how to have fun, I don’t want to think of paying the bills every day! I want to enjoy life and notice when spring comes and trees blossom. As obsolete as it may sound, I still want to be able to take the time and hear the grass grow.

Do we have this time?