Love nowadays


Scientists say love only lasts for about two years and a half… How about that? It just feels like it’s a lame excuse for all those cheating on their partners… No wonder there are so many break-ups and divorces; since it’s been scientifically demonstrated, it must be true…. Come on, give me a break here!

Or it may be that I don’t know the definition of ‘LOVE’…

Does it only stand for passion? Are we nowadays only interested in sex? I thought it was about respect too, and friendship, being interested in the same things, or being interested in the exact opposite things… so that the differences can bring the two together. Am I old-fashioned? Or have I just grown up?

The truth is that  sometimes I am not sure whether I am the rule or the exception to it…

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  1. Freud says:

    Unfortunately, I as kept telling you long time ago…you are the exception. ME đŸ™‚

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